Mind and body, psyche and soma, are not separate – they are two sides of the same coin.  Our brains and our bodies are tied together by feeling.  People who are more sensitive to feelings are also more physically sensitive: to conditions such as allergies, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, and PTSD.  People who are less conversant with their feelings are susceptible to other ills: chronic fatigue, hypertension, ulcer, rheumatoid arthritis.  The ability to recognize – and reconcile – feelings is at the root of health.

“Sensitivity has been built into human beings for sound evolutionary reasons.”

Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion, chapter 8

“The more we look into pronounced sensitivity, the more we can learn about the forces that sculpt us into unique human beings.”

Your Emotional Type, introduction

“Our gut has its own nervous system that can take precedence over what the ‘upstairs’ brain thinks.  The term ‘gut feeling’ is no mere figure of speech.”

Sensitive Soul, chapter 1

“Feelings are like water.  As with water, they seem to have a momentum or dynamic flow.”

Sensitive Soul, chapter 1

“The displaced energy of feelings is implicated in a variety of chronic health conditions.”

Your Emotional Type, introduction

“Intense feelings that are put into ‘freeze frame’ set the stage for dissociation.  The energy of those feelings can reach out through space/time.”

Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion, chapter 5 

“Searing trauma produces effects that are simultaneously physical, emotional, and spiritual.”

Sensitive Soul, chapter 6

“Our bodies and minds are not only connected, they are one.  The entire bodymind is a single sensing and feeling organ: a far-flung psychosomatic network.”

Your Emotional Type, chapter 1