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Emotion, as it exists within and between people, underpins personality, spirituality, and a range of extraordinary perceptions, conditions, and experiences. These include déjà vu, phantom pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and extreme empathy, where people instantaneously feel the physical or emotional pain of another. Many gifted children, those with synesthesia, and people with autism – not to mention highly sensitive people in general – report forms of innate “knowing” and even paranormal experiences. In this exploration of the role of emotion in non-ordinary states and abilities, Michael Jawer shows how the flow of our emotions and those of the people around us greatly influences the development of exceptional capacities and sensitivities.

“Intriguing, illuminating and arresting… a powerful and thought-provoking synthesis of science and story.”

Sy Montgomery, author of Soul of an Octopus

“A fascinating tour of the hidden influences that make us who we are, and that hold the clues to some truly extraordinary abilities.”

Dean Radin, PhD, chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Sensitive Soul is a path breaking work of synthesis showing us that emotion is a common source of explanation for some of the great puzzles of our lives. This book deserves to be taken most seriously.”

David Henry Feldman, PhD, Eliot-Pearson professor of Human Development at Tufts University, and author of Nature’s Gambit

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Different people process their feelings in different ways – your emotional style is a fundamental aspect of who you are. It affects more than just your outlook on life; it can affect your well-being as well. Many chronic ailments are not the result of germs or genes but are rooted in our emotional biology.  Michael Jawer and Dr. Marc Micozzi assess 7 alternative healing therapies – acupuncture, hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation, yoga, guided imagery, and relaxation techniques – and indicate which methods work best for each emotional type. Empowering you as a patient to seek out the therapies that will work best for you, this book offers a welcome path to effective pain relief and sustainable health.

Your Emotional Type may be the Rosetta Stone we’ve been waiting for – a code for matching a particular therapy to a particular patient. Micozzi and Jawer…have found gold.”

Larry Dossey, MD, author of Healing Words and The Power of Premonitions

“…a simple, practical, and useful guide to help doctors and their patients identify the major alternative therapies that will work best for each person.”

Kenneth Pelletier, PhD, MD, clinical professor of medicine, University of Arizona and University of California–San Francisco, and coauthor of New Medicine

“The book is empowering, helping us to become active agents in our healing rather than being simply the recipients of ‘cures’ from a medical approach that fails to recognize the uniqueness of individuals.”

Gabor Maté, MD, author of When the Body Says No

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The less consciousness we have of our emotional being, the more physical disturbances we are likely to have – from ailments such as migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and post-traumatic stress to anomalous perceptions such as apparitions and involuntary out-of-body experiences. Using the latest scientific research on immunity, sensation, stress, cognition, and emotional expression, Michael Jawer and Dr. Marc Micozzi demonstrate that the way we process our feelings provides a key to who is most likely to experience these phenomena and why. They explain that emotion is a portal into the world of extraordinary perception, and they provide the studies that validate the science behind telepathic dreams, apparitions, and other anomalous perceptions. 

“Informative, provocative, profound.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The Biology of Transcendence

“An insightful exploration of the powerful capacities of the mind-body connection and its inherent link with perception.”

Andrew Weil, MD, author of Spontaneous Healing and Natural Health, Natural Medicine

The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion is truly connective, bridging the disciplines of biology, neurology, immunology, psychology, and spirituality. This is a book for the 21st century that will open and enlarge our minds, hearts, and spirits.”

Miriam Greenspan, author of Healing Through the Dark Emotions