Media Appearances

Michael Jawer is an accomplished speaker. In addition to addressing professional and academic groups, he is frequently interviewed on radio programs and podcasts. For information on speaking engagements, please email booking@michaeljawer.comA sampling of Michael’s articles, interviews, and appearances is provided below. 


Articles & Interviews

Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies  (May 2021)

British Psychological Society (February 2021)

Jung Society of DC (February 2021)

Not Old – Better with Paul Vogelzang (January 2021)

Coast to Coast AM (January 2021 – segment begins at 0:05 and concludes at 20:00)

Society for Consciousness Studies (December 2020)

New Thinking Allowed with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove (December 2020)

Uplift Your Life with Dr. Paula Joyce (December 2020 – Mike’s segments are 22:15 – 35:51 and 39:33 – 51:08)

White Shores with Theresa Cheung (November 2020 – interview starts at 7:40 and concludes at 48:23)

Inner Traditions blog (October 2020)

Erraticus (August 2020)

Scientific American (June 2019) 

Ethan Bearman Show – KGO San Francisco (June 2017)

Connecting with Coincidence (October 2017 – interview begins at 11:48)

Nautilus (January 2017)

Aeon (September 2016)

Skeptiko with Alex Tsakiris (September 2015)

Studio 5 (morning show on KSL, NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City) – April 2012

Psychology Today  (August 2011)

Rick Barber Show – KOA Denver (August 2010)

Joey Reynolds Show – WOR New York (with the Amazing Kreskin)  (December 2009)

Linda Strasburg – KTKK Salt Lake City (September 2009) 

The State of Things with Frank Stasio – WUNC North Carolina (September 2009)